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Bikers & Social Clubs 4 Change

My name is Tom "Hoss" Lewis, the big white guy on the right. That is Clark "Preacha" Chambers, the big black guy on the left. We are the top two leaders of Bikers & Social Clubs 4 Change in Memphis, TN. BSC4C is a 501C3 charity organization affiliated with 130+ motorcycle, social clubs of Memphis. This photo is titled: "Why can't we be friends?" taken from a song by the classic rock group WAR, who will be playing at our Bike Fest in July 2015. Breaking through old, disgusting racial barriers is also part of what we do. But mostly we are about the kids that are growing up in one of our nation’s worse crime districts - Memphis Tennessee. Many of our affiliate Bikers have come from these neighborhoods.

Bikers and Social Clubs 4 Change

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